Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Canon EOS 5 D Mark II

The Canon EOS 5 D Mark II
Replacement long awaited for the EOS 5 d has finally arrived. It took three years for gun to replace the original 5 D 5 D Mark II. Most of the people would like to know how the 5 D Mark II is really. It will be the same type of review and does not purport to be a comprehensive technical review. I will talk mainly of improvement over the previous cameras Canon 40 D, 50 D and 5 D. The comparison will be the 40 D and it will also include the ISO with the Nikon D3 comparison, the above "high ISO undisputed king".
According to Canon main specifications are:

-New CMOS 21.1 Megapixel sensor with improved EOS integrated cleaning system (E.I.C.S.)

-New record of film resolution Full HD 1080 3.9 fps continuous shooting.

-High-performance DIGIC 4 processor, providing superb image quality

-Maximum 310 large JPEG images in a single show with a UDMA card

-3.0 "(920 K dots) VGA LCD display claire"

-ISO 100-6400 (expansion of 50 to 25 600)

-9 Point AF + 6 points AF assist.

External appearances: you should consider the Mark II 5 D body as a combination of 20 D or 5 D original with the 40/50 D the external dimensions is similar to the previous 5 D and D 40/50 M, but a little larger than the 20 D / 30 j. 810 G, it is also heavier than the 50 D to 730 g.
You can see on the image below that the 5 D Mark II is very similar in size to the 40 D looking at cameras except the bulb the lens on the top of the housing is greater on the 5 D Mark II course (which is a full frame DSLR). There is a sensor of remote of traveller at the front of the 5 D Mark II which allows the use of the optional infrared remote control to trigger the camera. In the infinite wisdom of Canon, this feature was previously exclusively only cameras like the 450 D input level.


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