Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ViewPhone 4 S.

ViewPhone 4 S
ViewSonic, specialist of the screens for computers, leaps into mobile telephony. The American company, which has a very small stand out of the giants of the sector, but sensation with a new range of tablets and Smartphone. One of them, the ViewPhone 4 S, noteworthy. ViewPhone 4 S is a clone of the iPhone 4 S and not is not cached. Unlike most of the copies of the Apple phone that have flowered, the similarity does not limit to the name. ViewPhone 4 S do the same diagonal screen, 3.5 inch, featuring the same resolution (960 x 640) and the same density of pixels (326 dpi) than the iPhone 4. Put together, the two are inseparable (the angle of vision is however best Apple). The processor is an ARM Cortex-A9 1 GHz, cousin of the A5 from Apple. He is also remarkably compact. ViewPhone 4 S includes two slots for SIM cards. The manufacturer intends his phone to frameworks, which would keep a professional and personal line, without multiply terminals, or expatriates. Side of Android, the size of the iPhone screens are generally reserved for the entry. Lighthouses of manufacturers’ products have rather screens 4, 4.3 or 4.7-inch. The positioning of ViewSonic is welcome for those who do not wish to compromise on performance. It should be noted in passing that the version of Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, benefited from a few touchups, with the addition of a menu 3D fluid and well functional. ViewPhone 4 S, whose plastic material more reminds a Nokia Lumia as an iPhone, is a little thick, up to the centimeter. It would have liked to have a model with a single SIM card reader. Otherwise, the 5 megapixel camera is indented in this configuration.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Apple wants to bind to China Mobile, the operator at 670 millions of customers.

Apple wants to bind to China Mobile, the operator at 670 millions of customers.
If the world has eyes that for the iPhone 5 in the coming months, a crucial event for the Apple may soon take place while having a much lower media echo. Apple could sign with China Mobile. It is not anyone since it is the mobile operator n ° 1 in the world with approximately 670 million customers. These quarters, China has shown the importance it had for Apple. To such an extent that a large part of the growth of the creator of the iPad is linked to its sales in the most populous country in the world. Apple is still a major problem facing: the firm of Steve Jobs is partner since 2009 China Unicom (n ° 2 of the country) and China Telecom (n ° 3) for a few months. China Mobile, the operator n ° 1 in China and in the world in number of clients, thus does not offer the Apple iPhone to its subscribers. Its competitors, and especially Samsung, benefit greatly from this situation, as to relegate Apple behind the South Korean, but also behind Nokia and the Chinese Huawei and ZTE. The latter two also signed important progressions between the first quarter of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012. According to Bloomberg, this situation could still change. Apple discussed actively with China Mobile by Xi Guohua, the Director of China Mobile. No agreement has yet been found, but if an agreement were to take place, it is not certain that it would begin this year. Nevertheless, the contract of exclusivity with China Unicom is now in the past, Apple can therefore sign with any competitor when it wishes. For Apple as well as for China Mobile, gains can be huge. For the first, the aim is both to sell additional millions of iPhone and therefore become the No. 1 global sales of Smartphone to Samsung. For the Chinese operator, this will allow it to consolidate its position and achieve faster the 700 or 800 million mobile clients.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Samsung presents the Galaxy Samsung S3

the Galaxy Samsung S3
The successor to the Galaxy S2, first rival of the iPhone, was presented to the press Thursday in London. Scheduled for the month of June, he combines design and performance. With original features. The presentation was particularly expected in the high-tech world. Become the number one global mobile to Nokia and Apple, Samsung presented Thursday night in London its new flagship, Galaxy S3 model.
Return to rounded for the Galaxy S3 of Samsung new design: a beautiful curved lines and the back housing bubble which is inevitably think of the latest Smartphone from HTC, the X One. With a slightly larger 4.8-inch super Amoled screen, that is distinguished by its superb contrast and excellent accuracy in the details view in 720 x 1080 and its resolution of 306 DPI (almost as the iPhone 4 S and its 326 DPI). "Inspired by the nature, designed for humans", announces the slogan of the constructor. Galaxy S3 13.6 x 7 cm to 8.6 mm thick and weighs 133 g.
-Use more natural:
Galaxy S3 knows what you want to do, said a spokesman for the company. Thus, the face detection to keep the active screen when you look at, avoiding that he goes to sleep. The proximity sensor, whenever it detects a movement to the ear, won without the need to press a button or dials the number of the contact displayed on the screen. Equally dramatic, the function S Beam to easily share files between two Galaxy S3: touch other device and the content will be transmitted automatically by NFC or Wi-Fi depending on the size of the file.
-L' eye and ear
S Voice speech recognition system allows Samsung compete with Siri on iPhone 4 S: can now of course talking on the phone to ask him to take a photo, call contact, schedule an alarm, dictate text, to obtain weather or to control the music player. The camera, he recognizes the faces of the persons concerned and proposes to deliver images by MMS or e-mail. Better: by pointing the finger at a face on a picture, can be the Facebook and Google + the subject profile.
-Photos and videos galore:
Equipped with a 1.9 megapixel for video telephony and, rear camera, sensor of 8 Megapixels particularly reactive (no delay between onset and the capture of a photo), the new Galaxy offers an automatic scene mode. He may even recommend the best snapshot among several shots. The screen allows to Watch Full HD movies in full definition, but also knows transfer wireless display on a large screen compatible DLNA. It also provides access to the contents of other devices from a wireless network.
-The price of power:
Compatible 3 G + (HSDPA + 21) and 4 G (LTE), Galaxy S3 is also very powerful with its quad processor. It especially to continue watching a video in a sticker while performing another task on the phone. Available in blue or white, and 16, 32, or 64 GB, Galaxy S3 will be distributed in France in June. First Prize: 649€.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Samsung became the first seller of mobile phones in the world.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S2
After 14 years of reign in the laptop market, the Finnish group Nokia loses its position as number one for the benefit of Samsung today first on the Smartphone market. The Korean Group recorded a record profit of 5.2 billion (3.9€ billion) through more than 20,000 Smartphone Galaxy per hour in the first quarter, doing better than Apple and its iPhone. Samsung sold about 93.5 million phones in the quarter January-March, is more than a quarter of those marketed in the world, including 44.5 million Smartphone, according to Strategy Analytics. He thus controls 30.6% of the world market of Smartphone, compared to 24.1% for Apple, which has sold 35.1 million iPhones in the first quarter. Samsung and Apple crush their main rivals and the Smartphone market may become a two horse race, says Neil Mawston for Strategy Analytics. Samsung will launch the week next to London the third generation of its star Galaxy S model. The Group hopes to see its sales prices by the summer Olympic Games, which is one of the first sponsors.
-Also benefit market televisions:
Apple said this week that its sales of iPhone 4 had to quintuple its quarterly sales in China. But on this first world mobile phone market, the Group remains Apple outpaced by Samsung, which has already allied with the three main operators Telecom of the country. Rare TV in the world manufacturers gain market share in the favor of the use of 3D and OLED screens and profits include Samsung and LG Electronics compatriot. Sony, Panasonic and Sharp expect on their side to display a combined loss of $ 21 billion in the fiscal year that just ended.

Monday, April 30, 2012

PC laptop 15.6 Hewlett-Packard 630

PC laptop 15.6 Hewlett-Packard 630
Screen 15.6 inches
Hard drive 500 GB
Intel Core i3 370 M
PC laptop 15.6 "HP 630 has an Intel Core i3 370 M, 2.4 GHz processor.
Screen 15.6-inch (39.62 cm) HD LED backlight, antireflective.
Intel HD Graphics graphics card
Technology DDR3.
500 GB.
The 630 HP wireless connectivity: 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1, Bluetooth 3.0 HS, Gigabit Ethernet.
Dimensions: L37, 6 x H3, 6 x 7 cm, P24.
Weight: 2.5 kg
Width: 37.6 cm
Height: 3.6 cm
Depth: 24.7 cm
Weight: 2.5 kg
Size (inches) screen: 15.6 inches
Processor brand: intel
Processor model: core i3 370 m
Hard disk capacity: 500 GB
PC type: portable 15 to 16 "
Autonomy: 5 h
Screen resolution: 1366 x 768 px
WiFi: 802.11b/g/n
Cache memory: 3 MB

Sunday, April 29, 2012

PC laptop 15.6 "Hewlett-Packard Pavilion DV6-3156SF

PC laptop 15.6 "Hewlett-Packard Pavilion DV6-3156SF
Processor Intel Core i3 for this portable compact and efficient
Memory 4 GB
LED 15.6 "HD display
LED 15.6 "HD (resolution 1366 x 768) display.
Processor Intel core i3 - 370 m 2, 4 GHz.
Graphics card ati Mobility Randeon HD 5470 up to 2202 MB of graphics memory total including 512 MB DDR3, Hybrid, Power Express and Croosfire.
640 GB SATA hard disk.
4 GB (2 accessible housing supports up to 8 GB memory DDR3).
Connectivity: Network Lan 10/100/1000 integrated 802.11 b/g/n.
2 speakers.
Connectors: 4 ports USB 2, RJ45, card reader.
Li - Ion battery.
Size: L26, 4 x H2, 5 x P18, 8 cm.
Delivered with Microsoft Office 2010, Internet Explorer and many software demo and utilities.
L24, 5 x P37, 8 x H3 cm dimensions.
Weight about 2.5 kg.
Silver colour.
Warranty 1 year.
Size (inches) screen: 15.6 inches
Processor brand: intel
Processor model: core i3 - 370 m
capacity hard disk: 640 GB

Saturday, April 28, 2012

EBook Sony PRS - T1

EBook Sony PRS - T1
An e-book Wifi ultra flat and lightweight.
Immediate access to the internet
Screen touch high resolution
Aspect paper guaranteeing a comfortable reading
Reader e-books
Sony PRS - T1
The Sony PRS - T1 e-books reader will allow you to take a real library everywhere you go.
It is more lightweight and compact as a traditional paperback.
With its resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and its touch screen Dual Touch 6 ", the PRS - T1 from Sony provides excellent comfort of reading.
E - Ink technology that removes the backlight of the screen and 16 levels of grayscale display, the Sony PRS - T1 pages are always well legible regardless of brightness (display reproducing the appearance of paper).
In addition, energy consumption is reduced.
The rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery of Sony PRS - T1 has an autonomy of 30,000 tours pages.
With 2 GB internal memory, this e-book can contain up to 1000 pounds. The Sony PRS - T1 has a SD card reader which allows you to store all your eBooks and your music files.
PRS - T1 is equipped with a WiFi connection with direct access to the Store and GoogleBookStore Reader and it is compatible Windows XP, Vista and 7 / Mac OS X 10.4.11 and more.
Compatible formats: eBook ePub, Adobe PDF, txt + audio mp3, AAC (non DRM) + JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP.
USB interface and connector audio jack 3.5 mm.
Supplied accessories: stylus, micro USB cable.
Dimensions: L11 x H17, 3 x P0, 89 cm.
Weight 168 g.
width: 11 cm
height: 17.3 cm
depth: 0.89 cm
weight: kg 0,168
size display (inches): 6 inches
capacity hard disk: 2 GB
power supply: Li-ion battery
screen resolution: 800 x 600 px

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