Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Digital lights finally landed.

Digital Book
Novels consumers now have a choice between several tablets created specially for reading digital books, which supply is more abundant. For some enthusiasts of reading, it is likely that which was held a few months of anticipation is a reality. It must be said that the romand consumer has the choice between different models recently. These lights new generation is worth in technical terms, with a quick loading time, ranging autonomy up to one month, ports USB, wifi connections and a base of approximately 2 GB memory, which is equivalent to 2000 pounds. What occupy a number of sleepless nights. And in contrast to the digital bars multifunction type iPad, the lights offer good comfort of reading. Bonus with the Cybook, which can play MP3 files, for those who like to browse music. It is possible to buy a digital book store and then receive it by e-mail. At the level of prices, the spectrum is as for the titles very broad, ranging from free (promotional offers, free of rights books) on the books to several tens of francs, the difference in price between a digital book and paper counterpart is more marked in France and up to 50%. An argument that would appeal to big players, who will continue to buy books for their favourite authors but could go digital when it comes to discoveries. Whereas the use of the lights was previously mainly professional, they are an undeniably useful tool when it comes to consult scientific literature of several hundred pages, so it should be democratized. Will digital kill the paper? Non. Both formats will coexist, no doubt. And who knows, the lights may return the love of reading to the generation born in the web 2.0 cloud.


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