Friday, March 16, 2012

FIFA 2012

Xbox 360
In six years, FIFA Xbox 360 has evolved from a strong and competitor phenomenon of grinding. The FIFA series has exceeded the set of the Pro Evolution Soccer of Konami in almost all departments and upgrade of each version with new features and the value of production.
The most important changes of FIFA12 is the ability of the player to defend. Attention to the mechanical traction and thrust focuses more on the pressures on the attacker to make a mistake. It's interesting change as in previous games, the second player would try to get the ball instead of cause the error to take the ball instead. The new changes will take a little time to get used to, but once you are familiar with the approach and the tactical style you will forget all previous versions.
FIFA12 big game changer is the Impact Player engine. Players will now have the ability to move and react more realistic events, including when they have injuries. One of the greatest examples of injuries due to the Impact Player engine is seen in career Mode. Manager is confronted with the realistic decisions and a player injury interruption should play from injury or who are tired.
Visually, the FIFA 2012 becomes the game with small cosmetic and presentation changes. You will find no more tasteless and boring stage photos and presenters have a new voice. Alan Smith has done an excellent job next to Martin Tyler: co-commentator. Comment by Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend is resistant to two others, but after some time the variety is welcome. As mentioned above, the career mode has lots of new features such as trafficking of player injuries. However, it also contains concerns of the player on the game and their ability to negotiate trades. Unfortunately, if you're new to Xbox Live you will miss next to the "Support your Club" System. One of the less effective changes of FIFA 12 is their characteristic of dribble accuracy. Attempts to crumbs and complex footwork is often hampered by more powerful techniques of tactical defenders. In addition, a scenario similar to the other EA Sports games challenge mode involves a lot of challenge players in the challenges of real life. Currently, it only appears to be flawed previous attempts of the FIFA and I hope that we will see an improvement in the next round.Overall, FIFA12 is the best version yet and not disappoint any fan wishing to real-life sport football or the version of EA Sports.


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