Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lenovo launches ThinkPad tablet in the United Arab Emirates market

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet
Lenovo announced the local availability of the Lenovo ThinkPad tablet. The ThinkPad Tablet is ideal for companies and combines mobility and security - what makes the device perfect for merge entertainment companies.
Jack Lee, vice President Lenovo Group and Director General of Lenovo in the Middle East and Africa, said, mobility is an extremely important for business users. The Lenovo ThinkPad tablet includes business-friendly features to increase productivity for professionals and security and manageability for it managers. In addition the device comes packed with features of entertainment content and easy for consumers. Powered by a NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual-Core 1 GHz processor, this powerful Android 3.1 tablet can manage corporate E-mail and secure communication in and outside of a corporate network paving the way for protected communication platforms. Weight 1.65 lb and ample storage space of up to 64 GB all confidential data can be secured in high security of the ThinkPad tablet including the complete device and encryption of SD card, lost software of device of infirmity and anti-theft. Lenovo ThinkPad tablet also integrates capabilities easily move files and sharing of information within the environment of Office through its secure cloud platforms. Tablet Lenovo ThinkPad multi-touch with a digitizer input provides up to eight hours of productive use and connectivity on the go with a Wi - Fi connectivity standard and optional models 3 G, supported by the speed and reliability of the Qualcomm Gobi technology. App exclusive Lenovo SocialTouch also ensures that your electronic mail, social networks and instant messages will in a single Inbox and ensures that you are updated in your personal life that you work. The ThinkPad tablet also provides the right solution to secure the front and the back mounted webcams professional video lectures. Lenovo is the only to offer Android Tablet complete protection against non-justified operational or structural damage due to drops, minor spills, wave electrical and other accidental damage incurred in normal operating conditions. Graphics HD Lenovo ThinkPad tablet features support, which supports fully Adobe Reader and Flash Reader media online, an HDMI output, native USB 2.0 and micro USB ports. The ThinkPad Tablet comes with over 25 free preloaded apps, including apps adapted the user to shelf company as good for business, Cisco AnyConnect and Computrace Mobile by Absolute Software.


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