Thursday, March 15, 2012


PlayStation 3
-PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 3 System.

You are a multi-tasker. You can save the Princess, solve a puzzle and take an enemy base all while making a killer grilled sandwich with cheese. PlayStation Store helps you multitasking even more: download games, new map packs, HD movies, shows exclusive and TV series in the background without interrupting your game. Store all your downloads on your PlayStation 3 system or back up films, programs and television series of PlayStation Store for a drive external storage so you'll never run out of space.
PlayStation Store via Media Go.

-Anywhere on the PlayStation.

If you never trapped somewhere without doing anything, make sure you have with you your PSP system. You can download new games, add-ons, PS Classics, films, performances, series TV and comics directly from PlayStation Store. Make the most of your PSP system integrated Wi - Fi by joining multiplayer battles online or access exclusive games on the PlayStation Network. Even if you are not where you want to, you can always do what you want to do.
PlayStation Portable (PSP)
-Keep your PSP system and the computer is connected.

Media Go is free is software that connects your computer to your PSP and PSP Go systems and helps organize you all your content. Media Go enables you to use a PC to download games, demos, movies and digital comics from PlayStation Store, and easily transfer them to your PSP system. Media Go is also very practice to move music to your PSP system, subscription to podcasts or video blogs and automatically synchronize your playlists and recently added media.


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