Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Usurpation of patents: Yahoo! attack Facebook in justice

The war between facebook and yahoo
And if Facebook had copied everything on Yahoo? This is what advance internet portal, through a complaint filed in a Federal Court in California, including digital copy was published by the information All Things Digital site. Yahoo! accuses the community site created by Mark Zuckerberg to usurp ten of its patents. For a large part of the technology on which Facebook is based, Yahoo! first arrived and has therefore obtained patents to protect these innovations, says in the complaint. Are affected including advertising, privacy protection, or messaging. The model of the social network Facebook, which allows users to create profiles and connect with, among others, people and businesses, is based on the patented technology of network Yahoo! social ", forward the site to ensure that they adopt the technology of Yahoo! in 2008, Facebook was regarded as one of the worst performing websites for advertising."
-Facebook spoke of an "astonishing initiative."
Facebook has said "disappointed" as Yahoo! "from long time partner" and "company that made substantial profits from its collaboration with Facebook, decided to defer to justice". "Once more, we have learned the decision of Yahoo! at the same time as the media", said a spokesman for the group, adding that "we will defend us vigorously against this amazing initiative".
Litigation that occurs in a critical history of Facebook time since the Group prepares its entry on the stock exchange. Yahoo!, which has more than 1,000 patents, does not deprive to emphasize their value. In particular at the time where the company is engaged in a broad reflection to maximize its value.


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