Saturday, March 31, 2012

What is WiFi?

Wi-Fi is a transmission technology broadband wireless that uses radio waves. Although now entered in the current language, the WiFi is yet as a commercial abbreviation meaning Wireless Fidelity. In General, it is the description of the IEEE 802.11 standard which is the international standard describing the characteristics of a local area network (WLAN) wireless. The 802.11 b protocol allows a flow rate of 11 Mbps to 22 Mbit per second, while the 802.11 g protocol allows throughput théotique of 54 Mbps. Some devices (modems-routers) are already compatible to support a speed of 108 Mbps.

What is WiFi?
Wi-Fi is a very useful tool because it allows a user to connect to the Internet wireless. The WiFi to connect to Internet from any room of your home if you are equipped with adequate equipment. This technology greatly facilitates the creation of local networks between several computers connected wireless to the same modem-router. WiFi is therefore the ideal solution for sharing a DSL connection with all the computers in your home or Office. Specifically, the WiFi is used in the freedom that it offers users. Giant and unsightly cables are no longer required to take advantage of the joys of broadband. In practice, the Wi - Fi meets the needs of the mobilities of users: it allows you to connect portable computers, Desktops, personal assistants (PDA) and mobile devices to link high speed or electronic devices communicating within a radius of several tens of metres indoor in hundreds of metres outside.

Advantages and disadvantages of Wi-Fi

-Benefits of Wi-Fi:
Ease of installation and flexibility of use.
Does not require a large investment.

-Disadvantages of Wi-Fi:
Insufficient security in some cases.
Rapid decline in flows.
Reduced scope.

How it works the WiFi?
To run a WiFi network, two elements are essential. Firstly, one must have a WiFi modem which is connected to the phone jack. On the other hand, it should be on his computer to connect a WiFi adapter which will make communicate the machine and the modem. This adapter can take several forms: a USB key, an expansion PCI - PCMCIA, or even a network adapter card. Today, almost all laptops are re-equipped with WiFi and just need to be correctly configured. However, if this is not the case, we recommend to take a look on the WiFi of ChoixPC guide.
The safety of a WiFi network: from the moment where digital data is transmitted via the Internet over a wireless network, it is possible that they are quite easily intercepted. Several methods of securing the WiFi network are applicable so that the user can determine who can use its network, and that is not.
There are overall 3 techniques:
-The Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is a method of encryption that takes the form of a secret key encoded in 64 or 128-bit. It should be declared access WiFi, then on each wireless adapter. Widely used, WEP keys are still not recognized for their effectiveness in serious hacking attempts.
-L' MAC address is an identifier unique to each network adapter. MAC address filtering allows access of vérifiéer the identity of a computer that connects to the WiFi network. The user must previously inform the modem-router in returning the MAC addresses they wish to allow. It is strongly recommended to associate this method with the encryption via WEP or WPA key
-WPA (Wi - Fi Protected Access) is another protocol for securing the WiFi offering better security than WEP. The WPA uses TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol) dynamic keys to individually authenticate each device connected to the WiFi network (unlike the WEP which generates a single key for the network)
Where can I connect WiFi?
The rapid deployment of broadband is accompanied by a growth in the number of called Hotspots wireless access points. Thousands of free and paid access points are available in France, particularly in public buildings, railway stations, airports, universities, and in many hotels and restaurants. Note that many experiences of community WiFi networks are being developed such as FON. WiFi hotspots directories are regularly updated on the web.


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