Saturday, March 24, 2012

With his new iPad, Apple increases its lead

Apple, which largely dominates the world market for tablets introduced its new model which has a better screen, voice dictation and a connection to the Internet very high mobile broadband. How to renew a product as iconic as the iPad Tablet? Wednesday in San Francisco, the new CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, unveiled the new version of the iPad. The constructor has updated its tablet that takes advantage of the progress of the iPhone 4 S. But it is especially at the level of the quality of the image on the screen that the new Apple tablet will make the difference. Its screen keeps its classic form, but benefits from Retina technology already operated on the iPhone 4, which gives an image of very high resolution (2048 x 1536), which allows to see more details and impressive contrast. Not only videos and Web pages there are gaining in quality, but the reading of texts becomes much more enjoyable. The new iPad also adopts the voice dictation, as the iPhone 4 S. It is sufficient to press the icon representing a micro, and talk, the iPad will immediately record your sentences in the Mail application or Notepad. Apple has also opted for a new much more powerful processor and optimized for video display, the A5X. Without sacrificing the battery, which remains active for 10 hours.
4G version: available March 16, the new iPad will be sold 489 euros in 16 GB, 32 GB EUR 589 and 694 EUR in 64 GB. Apple has also decided to innovate by offering its first version of iPad connected to mobile Internet high flow 4 G. But this model achieved the tune of 814 EUR 64 GB version! Apple strengthens its presence in the world of television: the new version of Apple TV to view photos taken from an iPhone on the big screen.
If the launch of a new version of the iPad was also expected, it is because Apple dominates insolent way the market shelves with 55 million units sold since the launch in April 2010. Last year, 65 million tablets sold worldwide, 40 million were for iPad. Apple has about two thirds of the market. Experts had expected a collapse of its market share in 2011, with the arrival of dozens of competing products. But, unlike what happened in the market of smartphones, Apple did nothing assigned to its competitors. And should even keep its place of leader this year, because, according to IMS Research, 70 million iPad should be sold globally in 2012, which will represent 70% of the global market. With such expectations, Tim Cook, the boss of Apple, has beautiful game noted that "the people do not want a tablet, they want an iPad". A cabinet Forrester study published this week said that almost two-thirds of us consumers who would buy a tablet in 2012 would switch to an iPad and 24% for a Kindle of Amazon.


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