Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chromebook Samsung: a good laptop to geeks.

Chromebook Samsung
Effective when it is connected, showing excellent autonomy, Samsung Chromebook loses its entire means without network connection. And if everything from the use of file storage software, was more online, in the cloud of Internet data? It is the best of Google with its Chromebook, a laptop based on chromium OS that converts the chromium browser in connected operating system. First partner of the American firm at this time, Samsung has transformed the concept produces with its 5 series, cartoon character from 12 inches to 1.5 kg. Your life in the cloud will pass through this machine? Chromebook Serie 5 takes the qualities of netbooks from Samsung, it is a good manufacture and careful design because this beautiful machine at 450 euros is indeed is a netbook, processor Atom N570 running at 1.66 GHz and 2 GB of RAM evidenced. A configuration modest but widely enough to turn the mini-système of Google. Chrome OS also offers an explosive start: it is barely 10 seconds to launch, to connect to its account and begin to take advantage of the Web. An impressive rate making this Chromebook an ideal machine to read his mails and answer comfortably or quickly consult the film program and the weather out. A well built machine, an excellent autonomy and a new kind of consumer, computing and the Web: this is the exciting sides of this portable 100% cloud computing. But by precursor, Samsung and Google feel limited services (lack of applications, improved performance), offline mode which the absence will be sorely felt until the middle of the summer and a relatively high price. Only geeks the most googlophiles, the nerds and news junkies will enjoy this first model. Others will wait to see development services (online and offline) and be reassured by Google the future services availability and management of data from users.


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