Sunday, April 1, 2012

Delay of 10 BlackBerry

BlackBerry 10
The manufacturer of the multifunction BlackBerry phone will begin a comprehensive review of its strategy, after the announcement of bad results. An offer of redemption is not excluded.The Group Waterloo, Ontario, has caused surprise by announcing Thursday the resignation of its co-founder Jim Balsillie. The new CEO has orchestrated a real consolidation of the leadership of the group by announcing the departure of two other heavyweights of the company. A change of direction in the hope of redressing the bar after a year of crisis completed by a quarter in the red. The group will begin a "comprehensive review" of its strategy, including by possible partnerships or sales of patents, to maximize value for shareholders, said Thorsten Heins. He even suggested a telephone conference "considers" a possible provides redemption. The value of the action of the Canadian group has melted by 80% since a little over a year for a market capitalization of $ 7 billion, which makes it particularly vulnerable.
Delay of 10 BlackBerry
The financial results of RIM, Canadian ex-chouchou of Telecom, are hardly Grand for a group claiming 77 million subscribers to its multifunction BlackBerry phone. RIM has seen its annual net income divided by three in 2012. RIM has suffered in recent months of the delay of the launch of the BlackBerry 10, using the new operational system QNX, and the commercial failure of the Tablet PlayBook, reached behind its competitors, whose sales have been disappointing as to lead to massive sidewalk. The group is also mauled in the financial markets for more than a year due to the fierce competition of its competitors, such as the iPhone from Apple and the operating system for mobile phones Google Androïd, but also because of technical problems and disappointing results. A sign of his weakness, Research in Motion has not published Thursday, with the release of its results, Outlook encrypted for the upcoming quarters and announced that it would.


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