Saturday, April 28, 2012

EBook Sony PRS - T1

EBook Sony PRS - T1
An e-book Wifi ultra flat and lightweight.
Immediate access to the internet
Screen touch high resolution
Aspect paper guaranteeing a comfortable reading
Reader e-books
Sony PRS - T1
The Sony PRS - T1 e-books reader will allow you to take a real library everywhere you go.
It is more lightweight and compact as a traditional paperback.
With its resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and its touch screen Dual Touch 6 ", the PRS - T1 from Sony provides excellent comfort of reading.
E - Ink technology that removes the backlight of the screen and 16 levels of grayscale display, the Sony PRS - T1 pages are always well legible regardless of brightness (display reproducing the appearance of paper).
In addition, energy consumption is reduced.
The rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery of Sony PRS - T1 has an autonomy of 30,000 tours pages.
With 2 GB internal memory, this e-book can contain up to 1000 pounds. The Sony PRS - T1 has a SD card reader which allows you to store all your eBooks and your music files.
PRS - T1 is equipped with a WiFi connection with direct access to the Store and GoogleBookStore Reader and it is compatible Windows XP, Vista and 7 / Mac OS X 10.4.11 and more.
Compatible formats: eBook ePub, Adobe PDF, txt + audio mp3, AAC (non DRM) + JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP.
USB interface and connector audio jack 3.5 mm.
Supplied accessories: stylus, micro USB cable.
Dimensions: L11 x H17, 3 x P0, 89 cm.
Weight 168 g.
width: 11 cm
height: 17.3 cm
depth: 0.89 cm
weight: kg 0,168
size display (inches): 6 inches
capacity hard disk: 2 GB
power supply: Li-ion battery
screen resolution: 800 x 600 px


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