Monday, April 16, 2012

From the month of September, to use their hand as card withdrawal or deposit of money in Japan.

a Japanese Bank will offer its customer
When the hand becomes credit card
The Japan, a Japanese Bank will offer its customers, from the month of September, to use their hand as card withdrawal or deposit of money. The technique? A player of veins. Biometric authentication. It is new technology which will be equipped with the distributors of this Japanese Bank. The Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank banknote will be the pattern of veins in the Palm Reader. So suffice it to the client to his hand to be definitely recognized. The technology was developed by the Japanese group Fujitsu. It is already used by several banks to recognize customers. But so far, the device was used to replace the digital code to prove that the card was not stolen. Now, the Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank customers will no longer need map. They can perform operations on their account by simply authenticating with their hand. The recognition of the person will be comparing a vascular pattern of the Palm, pre-registered in the server of the Bank and collected by the Distributor. According to Fujitsu, the margin of error is lower than in the case of fingerprints, infinitesimal. This system could avoid difficult situations that Japanese have lived at the time of the tsunami last year. They were likely to lose their bank documents, which have been washed with water. It has been impossible to withdraw money for days. The initiative of this Japanese Bank could be followed by larger banking groups. Japanese giants in the sector of electronics, Hitachi and Sony, have also developed biometric recognition systems based on the vascular network of the hand. Hitachi has already tested the direct payment without cash or card, with a simple presentation of the finger over a reader.


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