Saturday, April 14, 2012

Google + is a major challenge for the Google giant

Google +
Google + is not only a social network, it is primarily a social dorsal spine that binds together all the services Google, explained the search engine co-founder, Larry Page, during the presentation of the quarterly results of the group, Thursday 12 April evening. The great advantage of Google +, explained Mr. Page, is that it allows refining search results and customizing other social connections of the user. Since the launch of the service, Google regularly downplayed the fact that Google + is a social network, preferring to describe it first and foremost as the cornerstone of its service offering. An approach supported by the harmonization of the rules of confidentiality of Google services March effective, but which is the subject of many issues, including on the part of the National Commission computer and freedoms. In recent months Google + was the subject of major campaigns of promotion and investment the service has experienced an update of its model this week, and Google services users are strongly encouraged to create an account. With some success: Google + claim 170 million users, far behind the 850 million of Facebook, but a result figure for a launched service recently.
-Ghost Town:
But many elements show that Google + does not have the same commitment as his main rival: its users spend little time on the home page of the service, and are much less publish that on Facebook, according data compiled by Comscore, which is at the site to be compared to a ghost town in the U.S. press. Google says that its strategy is not to provide an experience similar to that of Facebook, and that the comparison does not make sense. Instead of attracting users to its social network, search engine claims to want expand its social network to all of the Web pages, through the buttons + 1 or offer custom in its services. The company promises that new functionality in this direction will be soon proposed on Google +.


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