Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Google touch Tablet: multiple versions for this summer with a distribution over the internet.

Google touch Tablet
New rumors about Google touch Tablet are surface at the beginning of April. Indeed, the Wall Street Journal thinks new information interesting, retrieved from anonymous source close to the record. The Google giant currently working on several versions of its touch tablet. So, we should discover the declination of a range rather than a particular equipment. Several manufacturers were discussed to work on different shelves. The names of Samsung and ASUS would be appeared and of course, Motorola, that Google bought not long ago with a 100% Google touch tablet. To sell its touch tablet, Google should offer an exclusively dedicated to its new equipment online shop. It is not excluded that the telephone operators can sell accompanied by contract 3 G but the bulk of the distribution will be on the internet media. Have forgotten the difficulties he encountered with this strategy the output of its first 100% Google phone? Thus, it may that its tactile tablets out during this summer or during this fall for back a little of the excitement around the particular time of the year. This could mean that the tablets should operate under the new version of Android Jelly Bean, planned for this summer. A complete version of Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) might also be of part. With respect to the rates charged, rumours explain that Google should break prices by offering cheap touch tablets. It would speak of a Tablet 7 inch for $ 199.


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