Monday, April 2, 2012

How will the digital shelves revolutionize the education of our children?

The Digital Tablet
The children of the digital age are becoming real small power geeks. For better learning. To better grow. Today, the games on digital shelves are multiplying. More than 350,000 applications on the Appstore for the iPad and already 150 000 on the Android Market. The cap of 10 billions of applications downloaded from the App Store including iPad, iPhone, iPod. And in particular the games for children. It is a real niche with a double well dedicated target: appeal to parents and educate children. But it is not only to video games. Education games also are the beautiful part of the cake! Like, the Wii and the DS, you can find all sorts of games. to download on the Android Market and/or on Appstore: told stories, side or side fun puzzle games logic music creation, hearing instruments, coloring drawing, knowledge of the shelves of paintings that is why the possibilities are infinite. In the same way that today ' hui TV was introduced to education with programs, shelves and especially you understand it the contents of the media are more intended to entertain but to educate.
Many applications are developed in this sense:
On iPad puzzle games with my first puzzles: snakes, a child of three years came to distinguish the logic of the forms to embed and began to recognize distinct parts recessed colors. More advanced, the encrypted version allows to puzzles pieces in numerical order: he is assisted by the machine dictates the figure and that the on shines so that the child can learn to count from 1 to 9. Children Marvel today with all told stories in learning to read: on one side of a page the text dictated and highlighted to track the history, the other a moving image illustrating the text; the smaller watch animation, the largest watch the text and learn spelling. The tale was ranked in the top 10 of the most sold iPad applications around the world. Thanks to this number of high downloads. Moreover, you will be surprised to see that your child can spend more time to play to passively look at videos. The same phenomenon that the internet and the TV where the time of children on the net exceeds that of the small screen. The other advantage is also the possibility of substituting books paper, heavy and bulky to carry on only digital media. Until this step of revolution. But connected to an internet network, each unknown word in a book can be searched on the dictionary or Wikipedia to know the etymology. It is the Publisher of educational digital books that addressed the issue; their study revealed that 71% of American students wanted to adopt the school books in digital format for reasons of practicality. But it is one thing to learn and another to understand. More learning it's intuitive understanding which is his true digital Tablet more. Put a child 20 months before an iPad, let the 20 minutes, show him - three tips and see how easily he learned, better he understands to use intuitively a playful tool, and its scope.
But why so much enthusiasm?
The digital shelves using pictos very easily recognizable by the children who doigtent above automatically. Scrolling of pages or the passage of one game to another in passing his finger on the shelf quickly became the base reflex to choose the desired game. Indeed a child learns more quickly to use a Tablet because there not yet priori while an adult or even a senior can get psychological barriers to use technology. In addition to the tablet itself, it is also the content management that allows the rapid appropriation of the game. More fun than a vacation book, the child listen, watch, built by himself with or without the help of his parents. Better once he learned to use the application be it school or fun, it now wants to run only and proudly show his achievement. This is the strength of the applications they are on Android or iOs: the realization, in sum back meaning to creativity. Digital content specialists also fully understood: for the child he must be given the taste of the application. They are simple games testers and to move to the superior achievement, the parent must buy additional content. The equivalent of the testers of creams in your women's magazines.


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