Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800/900: Cree last mobility at small prices

Nokia Lumia 900
Nokia and Microsoft rely basically on the new range of devices Lumia. While the 800 Lumia is sold to the Canada a few weeks ago, the 900, the crested range, arrived in the country this week. On the menu: Smartphone create a last performance, at a fraction of the price. It's several months than phones Lumia, animated by the latest version of the Windows Phone, Microsoft software, have been announced, but it was known that very recently that the 900, a large screen 4.3 inches and ultra fast LTE cellular connection device, was sold to the Canada. In total, Nokia details three Lumia devices in the country: the 710, 800, and 900. The first is bald of the three and, after trial, is also the month attractive. The price where they are sold, within think change the country over the next three years, the idea of opting for a three year contract and pay only $ 100 for a device that will last most likely also long that this contract may be considered. After all, only a few Android devices can boast such a combination LTE and large screen. IPhone, him, is still made there. Compared to Android or iOS, the popular mobile platforms of Google and Apple, Windows Phone does bonus several simple tasks more quickly, with a very intuitive interface. It integrates social networking perfectly. However, there is a still serious limit, as the Division of cellular Wifi connection which will be available, on the 800 Lumia, after a software update. That said, the fact sheet of the 900 Lumia is: in addition to the display AMOLED, device 8 megapixel with illumination to DELL photo and a suite of applications which suffers less in comparison: there are the essential tools for the teleworker, and the most popular mobile games. This is not the Play Google or the App Store, but the Microsoft market and its 70,000 applications between quietly in the major leagues.16 Gigabytes storage space is somewhat fair. Nokia insists on the presence of SkyDrive, which adds free 25 gigabytes in the service of Microsoft cloud, but this space is still too little exploited for worth. It could also blame the absence of a processor dual core under the hood, although this is not always apparent. After all, Windows Phone are positioned as intelligent general public, and not as upscale or tip. In this context, they do not suffer no complex and deserve to be considered, in the same way as an Android or iPhone.


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