Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Samsung became the first seller of mobile phones in the world.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S2
After 14 years of reign in the laptop market, the Finnish group Nokia loses its position as number one for the benefit of Samsung today first on the Smartphone market. The Korean Group recorded a record profit of 5.2 billion (3.9€ billion) through more than 20,000 Smartphone Galaxy per hour in the first quarter, doing better than Apple and its iPhone. Samsung sold about 93.5 million phones in the quarter January-March, is more than a quarter of those marketed in the world, including 44.5 million Smartphone, according to Strategy Analytics. He thus controls 30.6% of the world market of Smartphone, compared to 24.1% for Apple, which has sold 35.1 million iPhones in the first quarter. Samsung and Apple crush their main rivals and the Smartphone market may become a two horse race, says Neil Mawston for Strategy Analytics. Samsung will launch the week next to London the third generation of its star Galaxy S model. The Group hopes to see its sales prices by the summer Olympic Games, which is one of the first sponsors.
-Also benefit market televisions:
Apple said this week that its sales of iPhone 4 had to quintuple its quarterly sales in China. But on this first world mobile phone market, the Group remains Apple outpaced by Samsung, which has already allied with the three main operators Telecom of the country. Rare TV in the world manufacturers gain market share in the favor of the use of 3D and OLED screens and profits include Samsung and LG Electronics compatriot. Sony, Panasonic and Sharp expect on their side to display a combined loss of $ 21 billion in the fiscal year that just ended.


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