Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Samsung presents the Galaxy Samsung S3

the Galaxy Samsung S3
The successor to the Galaxy S2, first rival of the iPhone, was presented to the press Thursday in London. Scheduled for the month of June, he combines design and performance. With original features. The presentation was particularly expected in the high-tech world. Become the number one global mobile to Nokia and Apple, Samsung presented Thursday night in London its new flagship, Galaxy S3 model.
Return to rounded for the Galaxy S3 of Samsung new design: a beautiful curved lines and the back housing bubble which is inevitably think of the latest Smartphone from HTC, the X One. With a slightly larger 4.8-inch super Amoled screen, that is distinguished by its superb contrast and excellent accuracy in the details view in 720 x 1080 and its resolution of 306 DPI (almost as the iPhone 4 S and its 326 DPI). "Inspired by the nature, designed for humans", announces the slogan of the constructor. Galaxy S3 13.6 x 7 cm to 8.6 mm thick and weighs 133 g.
-Use more natural:
Galaxy S3 knows what you want to do, said a spokesman for the company. Thus, the face detection to keep the active screen when you look at, avoiding that he goes to sleep. The proximity sensor, whenever it detects a movement to the ear, won without the need to press a button or dials the number of the contact displayed on the screen. Equally dramatic, the function S Beam to easily share files between two Galaxy S3: touch other device and the content will be transmitted automatically by NFC or Wi-Fi depending on the size of the file.
-L' eye and ear
S Voice speech recognition system allows Samsung compete with Siri on iPhone 4 S: can now of course talking on the phone to ask him to take a photo, call contact, schedule an alarm, dictate text, to obtain weather or to control the music player. The camera, he recognizes the faces of the persons concerned and proposes to deliver images by MMS or e-mail. Better: by pointing the finger at a face on a picture, can be the Facebook and Google + the subject profile.
-Photos and videos galore:
Equipped with a 1.9 megapixel for video telephony and, rear camera, sensor of 8 Megapixels particularly reactive (no delay between onset and the capture of a photo), the new Galaxy offers an automatic scene mode. He may even recommend the best snapshot among several shots. The screen allows to Watch Full HD movies in full definition, but also knows transfer wireless display on a large screen compatible DLNA. It also provides access to the contents of other devices from a wireless network.
-The price of power:
Compatible 3 G + (HSDPA + 21) and 4 G (LTE), Galaxy S3 is also very powerful with its quad processor. It especially to continue watching a video in a sticker while performing another task on the phone. Available in blue or white, and 16, 32, or 64 GB, Galaxy S3 will be distributed in France in June. First Prize: 649€.


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